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Our Humble Beginnings

The Craft Story aims to connect a community of craft lovers by sharing information, experiences and collaborations with like-minded individuals. 

The adventure started with "hand-sewn shoes to fit tiny feet" for an infant photoshoot. It was surprisingly difficult to purchase a pair of smart-casual shoes which were comfortable, stylish and affordable. 

Eventually, the concept evolved into this lifestyle-focused, creative platform to foster the passion for crafting and to offer an eclectic range of customisable and personalised products.

Today, with years of experience in laser craft works, the company’s main business focus is on personalisation and customisation of goods. Some of its notable clients include Tiffany & Co., Discovery and PAssion WaVe.

At its core, The Craft Story prides itself on creating products that are of excellent quality, meaningful and truly one-of-a-kind.

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