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Christmas Bauble Activity for Chanel Beauty N°5 Holiday 2022

Client: Chanel Beauty

Involvement: Design & produce wooden christmas baubles

The holiday season arrived with a touch of elegance and creativity as we joined hands with Chanel Beauty for the remarkable Christmas Bauble Activity for the iconic N°5 Holiday 2022 collection. Spanning across the entire island, this event was a celebration of sustainable luxury, personalization, and the enchanting art of crafting.

Central to this event were the exquisite laser-cut sustainable wooden baubles, lovingly handcrafted by us. These baubles were not just decorations; they were our heartfelt contribution to an event that combined style with environmental responsibility. In choosing sustainable materials for these baubles, we mirrored Chanel Beauty's commitment to a greener future while adding a dash of artistic flair.

The event came alive as customers entered the Chanel Beauty stores, welcomed by the opportunity to add a personal touch to their baubles. With skilled calligraphers at hand, each bauble became a canvas for individual stories and expressions

Beyond the artistry, this event fostered connections. Customers gathered, shared ideas, and immersed themselves in the creative process, transforming simple baubles into cherished tokens of love and remembrance. As the fragrance of Chanel Beauty mingled with the joy of crafting, a unique and unforgettable atmosphere was created—one where luxury met sustainability, and creativity kindled bonds.

With the event's conclusion, what remained were not just beautifully crafted baubles, but memories etched in hearts. The Christmas Bauble Activity Event with Chanel Beauty and our artistic involvement shone as a testament to the magic that occurs when brands, artisans, and customers collaborate. It was a reminder that the holiday season is about more than just presents—it's about the moments we craft together, the stories we share, and the connections we nurture.

In partnership with Chanel Beauty, we turned a craft idea into a reality and embarked on a journey where craftsmanship and luxury merged seamlessly with sustainability. Our hands-on approach to crafting resonated with the essence of the event, leaving an indelible mark on the festivities.

The Christmas of 2022 will forever be remembered as a time when we, along with Chanel Beauty, wove enchantment, creativity, and togetherness into the very fabric of the holiday season.

Thank you Chanel Beauty for having us!


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