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Tiffany & Co Christmas In Store Activation 2021

Client: Chab Events Involvement: To craft and curate DIY Christmas Wreath Sets, DIY Candle Wreath Sets, DIY Star Wreath Sets Our hearts swelled with anticipation and creativity as we joined hands with Chab Events for Tiffany & Co's Christmas Activation. The joy of preparing for this event was unlike any other – selecting each element, intertwining tradition and innovation, all while envisioning the smiles our wreaths would bring.

Being a part of this prestigious affair was an honor that filled us with pride, knowing that our creations would grace the elegant setting, adding a personal touch of artisanal craftsmanship. As we delicately fashioned each wreath, we felt a shared sense of excitement and dedication, a true partnership that made the experience deeply personal.

This collaboration wasn't just about wreaths; it was about weaving a piece of ourselves into the tapestry of a grand event, leaving an enduring mark on Tiffany & Co's enchanting Christmas Activation.

Thank you Chab Events for having us!


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