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PAssion Wave Chingay 2020 Appreciation Tokens

Client: People's Association

Involvement: Designing & Crafting Appreciation Tokens

The Craft Story and JellyGxx had the incredible privilege of designing appreciation tokens for the remarkable performers who represented the People's Association at Chingay 2020. We embarked on this artistic journey with a shared goal – to encapsulate the essence of their dedication and passion.

JellyGxx meticulously hand drawn each token, infusing them with love and attention to detail. Each piece was a testament to the performers' unwavering commitment and the vibrant spirit of Chingay. JellyGxx also added a touch of modern flair by incorporating vibrant colors and contemporary swirls, symbolizing the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that Chingay embodies.

Together, our creations served as heartfelt gestures of appreciation, acknowledging the performers' hard work and talents that brought Chingay to life. We hope these tokens convey the immense respect and gratitude we hold for each performer, and that they serve as cherished mementos of a spectacular celebration uniting communities and cultures.

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